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Sports with your Frenchie?

sports with your french bulldog

Contrary to some popular belief, the French Bulldog bouledogue francais is not athletic. He can play sports, but not excessively, of course. We must not forget that his ancestors hunted, which therefore requires being agile and lively. Every dog ​​needs physical effort to maintain good health. Take it slow so that he enjoys the moment which should be a leisure. There are many ways for the Bulldog to exercise regularly:

The walk

It is essential to maintain the bulldog in good health. Indeed, he needs to go out to discover the smells of his congeners and other humans as well as outside noises. In terms of health, walking is essential for the nails to be filed but also to maintain the muscles.

The ideal for the French Bulldog is that it goes out about four to five times a day for 35 to 45 minutes while following its pace and regardless of the environment. In the mountains, in the countryside, in the forest, in the city … he will be delighted to share an activity with his master.The walk opens up certain advantages, it allows you to meet other masters and dogs, new environments, to be able to repeat a few commands during the walk as well as to teach him walking on a leash and walking on the feet, and especially to ventilate the mind!Make no mistake! Don’t take the risk of going long distances if your dog is not used to it. Train it gradually.
Similarly for the puppy, do not make him undergo great efforts which could harm his growth.  


This activity which consists of running with a dog is strongly discouraged for the French bulldog, it would put it in danger of asphyxiation and could lead to sudden death.


Bulldogs do not like water, nor can they swim. Their bone mass makes them sink and above all they do not make any flapping movement. So be very vigilant in swimming pools, rivers, lakes or seaside. A toy in the water can attract them to take a closer look, all you have to do is jump if it is not too late!

You can still take it with you in the water (one hand under the chest and the other between the legs so as not to hurt it) while being very careful. Do not let go if you feel fearful. Rinse it off after swimming, whether at sea or swimming pool. Indeed, salt and cleaning products are harmful to the dog.
 Let us remember that some French Bulldogs enjoy bath time.

Dog training

It is an activity which aims to teach him certain rules to respect such as obedience, respect towards other dogs and to live in harmony with humans.It is not only for the dog, but also for the inexperienced owner who does not know how to show his authority and is afraid of traumatizing his Bulldog (or other breeds)You will learn how to make yourself obeyed during fairly simple exercises (under the requests of the teacher at the school of the puppy or the dog) and which will facilitate you on a daily basis.

Choose the school carefully, so that the teacher does not use brutal methods for your French Bulldog, which will then be more of a hobby for him, but a punishment. And to follow its evolution is very pleasant.


A physical goal, to practice exercises with his Bulldog such as jumping (tire), balance on a board centered on a barrel etc. This activity which is also perfectly suited to Bulldogs by its playful aspect but however cannot be suitable for Bulldogs with health problems for example a parrot’s beak, a sensitive problem affecting the limbs, or a problem with the spine that could to hurt. When you practice these activities if you notice that your Bulldog is having trouble breathing (noisy breathing) or is short of breath for more than five minutes after exercising immediately give up in his interests.

Your Bulldog will appreciate agility through these various exercises which will give him a good time of complicity. Practicing it by a child can also be dreamed of, he will find the pleasure of sharing through the taste of effort, discipline and the competition that it brings.


hunting which can be a physical activity for certain dogs, certain breeds such as for the Brittany spaniel, the English setter …
The French Bulldog who does not have hunting as a great passion, apart from hunting cushions, toys , flies … nothing like a false hunter, the French Bulldog is not a hunter apart from some, however, will try to hunt moles or rats in the countryside like their ancestors did.

Some masters or canine schools practice other sports for the dog this chapter is rather fine, because the French Bulldog is not a champion of the sport, it is not a particularity that he has apart from the walks that enter in physical activity a lot in practices when they take their dogs out, for example when they throw a ball or a stick to run after. But however many dog ​​sports exist among those mentioned also exist:

  •  Canine team
  •  Canine freestyle (doggy dance)
  •  Cani-hiking
  •  Caving
  •  Dog dancing
  •  Field trial
  •  Fly-ball
  • Mondioring
  •  Biting*
  •  PVL- Lure Sight Pursuit
  •  Racing
  •  RCI
  •  Utility search
  •  Ring
  •  Rescue
  •  Schutzhund
  •  Dog sled and pulka
  •  Water work
  •  Practical work in the countryside
  •  Work on sheep

which is a sporting activity, is very frowned upon by some people, but which has nothing “bad” about it, the goal is that the dog should bite only the clothing designed for it only at the order of the master and ceases directly at its order, the sporting bite is practiced with a perfectly balanced dog, with competent people and in a place also authorized to the discipline. All dogs cannot practice this activity and must be LOF.

Many dog sports exist but some are dedicated to specific breeds. Sport for dogs and a factor of social integration and development.

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