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Muscles for Him

From fat melting to muscle building, weights and cardio make a great… This is not about a fad or trend. It’s about a huge need infusing itself into the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, age, and almost every other aspect of our lives.

Fitness for Her

High intensity interval training is excellent for
maximum efficiency because… With the right education you can provide this help that is so needed!

Need help of Nutritionist

Individual Nutrition Counseling & Coaching

At Health Coach Institute, we have partnered with top doctors and leading experts to bring you the most trailblazing nutrition education in the world.

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Get Ripped At Home And No Gym
Fitness & Exercise

Is It Possible To Get Ripped At Home And No Gym?

While the gym is probably the most popular venue to get ripped the natural way, it is also possible to have well-defined body muscle mass while working out at home. It is actually an inexpensive way to get ripped. No expensive gym membership fees and wasted time traveling to and from the gym. Those hours you spend going to the gym may be utilized towards some other important activities.

If you think that lifting weights is the only method to gain muscle mass while you lose your body fat at the same time, you are wrong since it is possible to get ripped right in your own room or backyard, if you prefer a bigger space. You may not even need those pricey weights and machines delivered at your doorstep. A well-designed workout plan is all it takes to have that body muscle mass to die for.

How to Get Ripped Right in Your Own Home
Whether you have a limited space to workout in or open space in your home, you certainly can get ripped in a simple way with no fuss. Though I say simple, it doesn’t necessarily mean easy, particularly if you are a beginner. Just like any other workout program, you have to get your body attuned with the routine and before you know it you are enjoying the exercises achieving that lean muscle mass over time.

Weights are great tools to build muscle but gravity exercises work just as well. Here are some effective body weight cardio exercises you can do right in your own space anytime of the day to enhance mobility and strength:

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Blast from the Past: Anatomy of a Polo

When you brows polo shirts you find lots of weird words like “double needle stitched” and “placket.” Today, we solve the mystery for you, giving you the anatomy of a polo shirt. While each style of shirt is different, polo style shirts share many common traits.

Anatomy of a Polo Shirt

Collar: The collar is as much a defining part of the polo shirt as any other feature. The collar lies flat, but can be turned up at the back to keep the sun off the neck (this is especially important for tennis players, and the polo shirt was originally designed by a tennis player). Traditional polo shirt collars are a rib-knit; however, now some polo shirts have self-fabric colors, which are made from the same fabric/knit as the rest of the shirt.

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