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2020 Best Drawing Ideas For Kids

Benefits Of Drawing For Children

All children start drawing before reading or writing, they try to draw what they have in their minds. In children’s therapies, teachers use drawing because it is the way to communicate and express their emotions or feelings. That’s why experts always recommended that you have drawing ideas for kids to encourage them to draw.

Through the drawings, the children will learn to communicate and at the same time, they will be able to develop their motor skills. Children will learn to function better and have more confidence.

Benefits Of Drawing For Children

2020 Best Drawing Ideas For Kids
  • They will have more confidence, and their imagination will increase
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Children can have a better approach and can change their mood
  • The drawing can unite the child with his parents; experts recommended that you sit with your children to draw
  • Art and drawing can help in the social behavior of children
  • Serves as therapy
  • Provides mental health
  • Children learn to appreciate art
  • The drawing relaxes and reassures
  • Help the child to have more concentration
  • Improves motor skills

Drawing ideas for kids

Drawing ideas for kids

Children do not need you to teach them to draw; they just need motivation from their parents and their teachers to continue making the drawings. The first drawings children make are lines and figures that have no shape.

For adults, these figures make no sense, but for children, they are works of art where they have put their emotions and effort. If you want to encourage children to draw, you should start with basic ideas that are easy for children to grasp. Drawing ideas for basic children can be:

  • Start with simple figures or shapes such as squares, triangles, circles.
  • Draw figures, portraits and manga figures, it seems like this kind of drawing need to be done by masters of art but letting kids start early doodling and sketching will amaze the parents what their beloved can create and with short time the improvement, the love for this kind of sketching and even the manga drawing world will build up and embrace their creativity. You can refer to such beginner easy tutorials like the ones on using also their figurine model mannequins called body kun beside other necessary art supplies.
  • Another idea that can help you is to encourage them to draw what they see every day
  • Draw fruits and vegetables
  • Animals, if you have pets, start by telling them to draw it
  • Start drawing family members to draw their mom, dad, brothers, etc.
  • Another idea is to tell him to draw his teacher or a friend
  • Draw trees, a river, clouds, the moon, a star, the sun or flowers
  • Drawing your home is another basic drawing idea for children
  • Tell them to draw objects such as a chair, a table, a ball, a bed, a pencil, a plate, a book, a fan, a glass, a door, a car, etc.

The important thing is that the child has the willingness to make them and should not make fun of his drawings because it can cause sadness in the child. The important thing is to encourage them so that children have more confidence in themselves.

Different Methods Or Techniques To Draw

When children are young, they begin to make their drawings anywhere, many make lines and doodles on the walls, doors, tables, on the sheets and even on the furniture. When they grow, they start looking for a sheet or notebook to draw and make their designs.

At this point, you can present different drawing techniques and methods, among which are:

Different Methods Or Techniques To Draw
  1. Draw and color: show children that you can already color their drawings. At this point, you can buy a drawing book so you can let go of your imagination.
  2. Draw: you can teach your children to recreate more detailed images using pencils and graphite paper.
  3. Use chalk: This is another way children will have fun drawing, it will be fun for the child to have a blackboard and chalk to draw.
  4. Drawing of the child’s life: in this technique, the child recreates a scene from his real world, situations he has lived in his home, school, park, etc. In this type of drawing, the child includes people, animals and the actions and expressions of the protagonists of his drawing.
  5. Drawing with shading: With this method, the child will learn to use the pencil to give light and darkness to his drawings. You will learn to make light and dark shadows in your images.

Teach Children To Draw

Best Drawing Ideas For Kids and competitions

You do not need to be an expert or a professional painter to teach your children to draw. Having the right advice, you can help the child draw well.

The practice is very important for children to develop their skills and abilities. It must be a daily routine; you should always encourage him to draw every day.

Teach him that drawing is very funny; have the child draw an object that is in his house. You should start with simple objects such as a ball, a glass, or a fruit.

Another technique that can help your child learn to draw is developing creativity that they can imagine something in their mind and then draw it on paper.

Memories are also a technique that you can use to teach how to draw, for the child to remember an activity or a walk and to draw it on paper.

Easy Drawings For Children

The easiest and simplest topics for children to develop their drawing skills are as follows:

  • Draw the family. One of the drawing ideas for kids is to start drawing their parents, siblings, and even their pets.
  • Draw the school. You can start drawing your school, the classroom, or your teacher. Draw children playing in the schoolyard, swings, objects they have in class, etc.
  • Draw the universe. Have the children draw the planets, the sun, the earth, the sky, the stars, the moon, etc.
  • Draw animals. Children can draw a dog, a cat, a paradox, a horse, a cow, a lion, a fish, etc.
  • Draw the seasons. The child can start drawing rain, snowflakes, autumn leaves, draw clouds, thunder, lightning, etc.
  • Draw transports. Have the children draw cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, the school bus, a train, a plane.
  • Draw favorite characters or superheroes. Children can draw batman, superman, spider-man, or any character from their favorite cartoons.
Easy drawing tricks for kids! Painting your hand-print is such a simple and fun activity for the kids

These are some of the drawing ideas for kids that you can put into practice.

You can help yourself withdrawing books on the market; for many children drawing is more fun than reading and writing. You need to motivate him to start drawing and be motivated by the art world.