Acacia Ridge FC 2018 Preseason


Acacia Ridge FC Preseason and trials begin on Sunday 26th of November at 5pm. This will be held at Acacia Ridge home ground (174 Mortimer Road Acacia Ridge)

Training dates:

26th November 5pm
28 November 7pm
30 November 7pm
3rd December 5pm
5th December 7pm
7th December 7pm

9th December first trial game

12th December 7pm
14th December 7pm

16th December second trial game

19th December 7pm
21st December 7pm

For more information please contact the coaching staff.
For first team and reserves please contact:

Mersad Velic 0402 441 824
Roki Samardzija 0433 411 473

For City team please contact:
Diego Bohorquez 0430 578 226


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