2015 FFA Cup and Regular Season Finally Kicks Off


After a long pre-season and rain postponing games, the long awaited season is finally underway. First up was the second round of the FFA cup, where we were drawn against the Souths United. Our reserve team played a friendly game against the Souths reserves in the curtain raiser.

The Ressies played a very good match, but lost 5-4. We had the lead until the last couple of minutes but carelessness lost us the game. This spoiled the impression, but overall we played well and the team is improving consistently.

The top side lost the FFA tie 4-0, which was a very disappointing score. We could have blamed that result on the fact that we were missing 8 first team players, a couple of the goals were offside and we played 2 games in 2 days. The truth is we didn’t play well, and that Souths were a much better side on the day. This game enabled us to test the waters and see whether the players filling in could make the cut.

The season proper finally kicked off on Friday the 27th of February. For our first game of the season we had to travel north to Narangba on a weekday. The Ressies played very well and created a lot of chances, but a couple of bad calls by the referee in awarding a non-existent penalty and an unfair red card contributed to a 3-2 loss. If the team continues to work hard, in addition to players returning from injuries, we can expect more good performances and lots of wins this season.

The First team game was delayed and didn’t start until well after 9pm. This came on top of a long trip on a business day, and terrible refereeing. Luckily our team has a no excuses attitude and a strong desire to win, notwithstanding any obstacles that arise. All 13 players have shown this attitude, and Narangba simply had no answers. We won the game 4-2, but it could have easily been 10 with the number of chances we created. However, we know that this is only the first game of the season, and that we must prove ourselves every week.

Our next games are at home on Saturday the 7th of March at 1.30pm and 3.30pm.


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